Let’s meet at GDC 2017

GDC 2017 is coming! http://www.gdconf.com

We can’t wait to meet you there!

We would love to share our new portfolios with you,  and help you to improve game art quality to make your development process more efficient and reduce development costs.

Our new mobile game needs an amazing publisher for Western countries!

Meeting old  friends and making new friends will make this GDC fantastic for us !

Please contact us to make an appointment through: info@bosiusa.com.

Meet us at E3 2016!!

We still have a couple meeting slots available during E3 so book some time with us now!!!!

Acceptable meeting topics:

1. Discuss our Art Outsourcing capabilities.

2. Discuss how we publish your VR or Mobile game in China.

3. Discuss possible partnerships between our companies.

4. Discuss possible exchange student programs between your western college and our game training school in Shanghai.

Unacceptable meeting topics:

1. Discuss anything related to Dave’s shoes or Sunny’s hair. We are very sensitive about those topics.

2. Discuss our secret plan. We are too excited about it and we are very likely to inadvertently reveal our entire secret plan with very little persuasion, so we ask that you please don’t bring this up out of consideration for us.